What are 'Treasury STRIPS'?

Treasury STRIPS are fixed-income securities sold at a significant discount to face value and offer no interest payments because they mature at par. S.T.R.I.P.S is an acronym for
Separate Trading of Registered Interest and Principal of Securities. These zero-coupon bonds come about when the bond's coupons are separated from the bond or note; an investor's return is determined by the difference between the purchase price and the bond's trading value, or face value if held to maturity.


Seven Simple Steps To T-Strips Ownership From Proven Providers…

You First Need To Find An Official T-Strips Offer, Providers Of These Type Securities Don't Solicit
So You Will Need To Ask Around Various Financial Forums Or Simply Google T-strips,
They Say Word Of Mouth Is The Best Advertiser, And I Can Concur, We Are Contacted Regularly
From All Over The World By Buyers Of High-End Items Such As These And This Is

Primarily Via Friends Telling Friends.

US Treasury Strips, U.S. Government Backed! Are Excellent Buys.

Prices can range from several thousands of dollars to $15 Billion on up to $200 Billion,

Generally when seasoned Buyers and Sellers Speak of pricing they will just say; $15-B or $30-B etc.  

All T-Strips Sales Will Have What's Known As A "Tranche Schedule" to be submitted by buyer. 

T-Strips Are Also Generally Sold Via A "T 3 procedure". 
And Will Have A Specified Expiration: Month, Day and Year

Which Can In Many Instances Be 30-Years From The Day You Purchase Them.

The Pricing Will Generally Be What The Standard Discount Rates Are,
Currently As Of This writing: market minus 2% plus 1% for Commission Purposes.

The Best T-Strips Offers Will Generally Have A Simple Seven Step Process: 


Buyer provides name and or ( Company if applicable)  


Seller provides CUSIP# (Registered Authentication #)


Buyer provides name of Buyer desk, (Bank) 


Buyer provides Bank Officer's name, telephone and email. 


Seller issues sell ticket (Seller desk: Such As; Bank of America or Any Respective Bank). 


Buyer issues buy ticket: Buyer desk to confirm buyer capacity to pay. 


Payment up to 3 days after issuance of buy ticket. 

Commission Will Generally Be Approximately  1% = Split; 1/2 Buy Side / 1/2 Sell Side. 

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