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"Reducing Structure Temperatures By Up To 15°+ - Degrees!"

​Masters Thermo Coat™, A Waterproof and Heat Proof, Heat Reducing Thermal Insulation Coating that saves energy and reduces

CO2 emissions.
Used On Buildings, Warehouses, Shipping Containers, Yacht Coating, Boats, Chemical Storage Tanks, Fuel Storage Tanks…etc.

Masters Thermo Coat™

"Global Warming, UHI and the Birth of Masters Thermo Coat™"

Petroleum is vital to many industries and is of importance to the maintenance of industrialized civilization itself.  However, the increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases resulting from human activities such as fossil fuel burning and deforestation have contributed to the global warming. The Country Of Taiwan also falls prey to this temperature increase, which some scientists claim to be twice as fast as the rest of the globe.


In summer 2007, the temperature in the capital city hit record 38 and 39(C from time to time. Two key factors to this soaring temperature include the city’s basin geography, which retains the heat, and more importantly the skyscrapers that utilize concrete, namely materials that feature high heat absorption and low heat dissipation. The term Urban Heat Island (UHI) signifies a metropolitan area which is significantly warmer than its surrounding rural areas, and sooner or later the temperature is likely to be consistently higher at night than during the day. The main cause of UHI is the modification of the land surface by urban development which uses materials that effectively retain heat. Although experts have indicated that the essential solution to this global warming is forestation, it is barely feasible in a densely populated metropolitan; and the search for an alternative has begun.

One viable option is to paint the buildings white, reflecting the solar heat back to the atmosphere and reducing the buildings’ heat absorption and thus their temperature. Lowering the buildings’ temperature can subsequently reduce the energy required for air conditioning.
For instance, the US City of Miami in the state of Florida saved nearly $700,000,000 million dollars on electricity bills per year by painting the roofs with highly reflective coatings. Therefore coatings with highly reflective properties play an important role in alleviating the UHI and energy consumption problems.

We take pride in our dedication to environmental protection and echoing the eco-buildings concepts, Our Invention Labs have cooperated with researchers from NTU, NTHU and NCTU to develop energy-saving, heat insulation products. By utilizing high-tech emissive powder and ceramic hollow micro-balls, and further combining its renovated water-based acrylic resin for water resistance, the company has created a coating paint featuring extremely high heat reflection and low heat conduction. Geared toward outstanding heat insulation performance, we employed multiple-structure models centering on multiple heat insulation layers, analyzed and combined materials that are domestically or internationally acknowledged such as film formers materials, reflective filling, and thermal insulation filling. With all the above efforts, we proudly introduce our “Masters Thermo Coat™” Paint, a highly effective, water-based, waterproof, environmentally friendly and reflective thermal insulation coating paint.

The US City of Miami in the state of Florida saved nearly $700,000,000 Million Dollars on electricity bills per year by using reflective coating technology. ​Using Our Masters Thermo Coat™

You Can Do The Same!

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